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5 best calorie calculator/counter sites


A calorie calculator or sometimes termed as calorie counter is an easy and automatic way to monitor your caloric intake. These calorie calculators can give information that can help you meet the daily calorie requirement of your body and follow your diet plan. Below are the top 5 best sites to calculate your daily calorie intake.

A calorie counter – This site is a very simple yet powerful calorie counter. It gives not only the calorie amount but the whole Nutrition Facts of any food you enter. It will automatically compute the amount of calorie and other vitamins and minerals present on the quantity of a specific food.




My-calorie-counter – My Calorie Counter will help you track the amount of there in the food you eat and how much you are burning in your current work out. They offer a personal diet diary which will keep track of your diet and will compute the calories you are taking in with the food you specified and the number of calories you are burning with your current daily activities. Site: – This site is a great help for people who are looking forward of losing or gaining weight. By inputting your age, sex, height, current weight and daily activity, it will give you the amount of calories you will need to maintain your current weight. It will also give you the maximum amount of calories you need to take to lose 1 or 2 lbs in a week. If you are looking of gaining weight, you can also look for the minimum number of calories that you need to take in to gain 1 or 2 lbs in a week. Site:


Freedieting – Free dieting site is using the latest formulas for more accurate computation of calories needed to maintain, lose, or gain weight. It provides an estimate on how many calories needed by body depending on the gender, body weight and height, age, and exercise level Site:




FitDay – This calorie counter allow you to track and monitor how much calorie are you taking in and burning everyday dependin on your daily activities. The dieting journal they offer will really help you to keep in track of your target weight. Site:






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